Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Updates

Well here we are in December, can you believe it?  
Just as a quick update, Teresa and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary...  Where on earth did 2008 go...  or for that matter, where did the last 34 years go???
Alls well in the Walker house and just getting through my vacation.  So I thought this would be a good time to update the site...  

The little ones had their outing on the Polar Express.  They got to meet Santa, his elves and Mrs Claus...  With Santa on the train, it will surely be a memory they will not forget...
Little Fred stayed home with Sobo and Paco, the rest of the kids had a blast..

On a different outing:
Once again we held the annual Crab and Steak fest,  this year there were 40 people show up for dinner..  The big change this year was we did the Prime Rib instead of steaks.  I enjoyed it a lot more because I was not cooking and enjoyed the company... It was my first shot at prime rib, it musta been pretty good because all 20 lbs were consumed along with the 40 lbs of Crab...   Needless to say the party was a success and everyone had a good time.  We had family, and adopted family this year and the mix was really very good.  Good conversation and food make for great memories.  Sometimes you wonder if it's worth it all to do these big dinners, however, all you have to do is attend one of them to know that it's the only thing you take with you.  
THE MEMORIES!!!  SO yeah, I still think it's worth, so rest easy everyone, 2009 is on the horizon... LOL

As you can see by the young adults table,  there was plenty to go around.    The leftovers were the empty cookers, pots, pans and dishes..   So I would say the Prime Rib was a success...

Last on the list this month will be Hannah's birthday,  that is December 31st and will be in Next months updates...

So for now, I bid you all a Happy New Year.  May you find a way to get all of your wishes, but may God grant you all of your needs in 2009
Love ya all