Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Fest... Scary People

Well if you came to my house in October, this was the guys who met you at the front door...
We had over 200 guests, not counting the 20 on the front porch, entryway, and in the house.
It was great to watch the kids coming up the walkway and watching to see which one of these creatures were going to grab them...

As you can see, inside the house it was Halloween going on too.  The table and decor matched the outside as well..     Also look what Teresa did to the wall, yep, some wives move furniture, Teresa moves the DANG WALLS!!!...  I post the final picks in next months updates...  But I kida like it...
This is the one that scares me the most...  What will the teenage years bring me?   She already is spoiled like all her brothers and sisters. She's the baby and you know what they say about the Babies???

Bella and Sophia just wanted to drop in and say hi.
They look so cute in this pic, yeah RIGHT!!

We had this empty spot in the backyard, so we decided to cement it???

Ok so there were SIX SPOTS, bet ya can't guess what is going on top of it when it all drys...  Can you? 

   Tune in Later and I'll show you...

Well it happened, Teresa fell in love with another..
Nope it ain't Wiford, although she loves Wilford almost as much as me.  She found another that she absolutly adores and wants it to be her love forever:  

Oh, wait I have to finish the cement story first...

Well what is everyone watching???

What on earth is that in the field next to the house.?

It is so awesome!!!!

What were we talking about before the update on the Hot Tub???
Guess you'll have to come back next month, cause I'm outta time.

Bye for October,  see you in November...