Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at my house 2010

The Witches paid us visit
All Dolled up and no where to go for Hannah...
Now that's a haunted house..
you Trick here, and this could be your treat.
The Guardian of the House

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Dinner with the Austins.

Oh Boy FOOD, It's ALL GOOD!!!

Believe it or not, he was not in the corner, but 
This is where he spent the whole night... Degj is a good kid...

Kayllyn with her new Nephew Mason

No, Xman, you have to wait for everyone to get here...
Suzy laying down the ground rules to Xander..

Jared and Emily

Geesh Aimee you really did not want this pic eh???
I think she's ready to eat!

Charmone and Mason..
Cousins forever....

Nate and Karianne with Mason

Sisters, where's little sister....?

The Walker Kids,  yeah they ain't kids no more...

Xander and Serria.

Waren, Ann and Bob

Swenson...  Are you serious???

Serria and Arnie

Mason, Serria and Ann

Kallyn, Keriann and Mason
Eyes are all open..

Charmoine, Kallyn, Nancy and Mason

What is it with Girls and Babies..?

 Oh come on Charmone, take your hands down..

Arnie and Annie

Ann, Monty, and Bob

Don and Sarah...

Emily and Jarad

Charmone, Wendy, and Don & DJ
Dang Wendy, 4 pictures all closed eyes..

Jared and his Grandma Annie

Kallyn and Xander having fun...

Robin and Fred
Touch him and DIE!!!

Arnie, Jon, Aimee, Sue and Serria

Robert, Robin and Swenson

Teresa and Fred man
He loves his Sobo

Still pissed eh, Aimee???

Wendy and Mason...

Jared and Emily,
So cute I posted it twice.

Christmas Morning....

HO HO HO   Merry Christmas.
Even Santa Came by to say hi...
This is a big dude that dropped in our house

Boy, did he unload the whole sack or what?

What's the matter Auntie, did you not get what you wanted?

Uncle Arnie looks pretty Happy to me...

Swenson, Rachael and Luke look like they got what they wanted too!

Heather and Hannah have big piles,
What's Teresa looking so intently at?
Must be a new Picture for her room?

Chaz, Hayden and Ali...
Ali's thinking, "Oh My this is a lot of Stuff:"

Chuck and Swenson
"Is it over yet???"

OH, Nice Shot there Hannah...

Sierra, Aimee Hannah in the middle of all the piles.
Sue wanted everyone to open gifts one at a time...
I think we would still be opening gifts...

Yeah, A-Typical Walker Child.
Spoiled Rotten...

Poor Cede, She says it all..
The Morning is over, let's go back to Bed..

Well, needless to say the Kids had a great Christmas,  They all got what they wanted and we enjoyed the event.  So until next year all...  MERRY CHRISTMAS