Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving was a mad dash week of good food and family. My sister Suzie and her family came down from California to spend the holiday with us. Hannah was able to spend the week with her mama Aimee, as she likes to call her, and her sisters Jamie and Sierra. My other sister Robin was able to join us on Thanksgiving as well as Teresa's whole famly. Total we had 31 guests for Thanksgiving. Good thing we turned our 3 car garage into a big family room. 

I'm sad to see Thanksgiving end and my family leave. Now it's back to work and demands of daily life, until the anual Crab Fest which I look forward to seeing all of you at. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November Updates

Well guys, here we are in November, man where has this day gone?
There is a lot to report and I could fill a whole page... But let's just get to the important stuff...

Anyhow Exciting news in the Walker - Roberts household...

We have a new member in our clan.
Do you think Dad "Josh" is a proud Papa?

9 lbs 12 oz 19 inch baby boy...

Fred Asher Roberts

Key features: Solid as a rock, long jet black hair and lots of it...

Mommy is doing fine, she did the C-section but is recouping just fine..

Even Big Brother "X-Man" is glad to have the new addition...

I'll keep posting on this one through out the month..

Right now gotta run to get ready for Thanksgiving, got the California clan coming to stay..

So big excitement in November...

Until the next post then, see you all later.

Chuck, Teresa & Family