Monday, July 21, 2008

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Just for those who want to see updates and how the walkers are doing

Summer Time Fun

Well here it is mid July, Gardens in, pool is up and it summertime... It is pretty hot here in Utah... I did just a small garden this year, shuda planted more garlic... Just sitting here on the Deck watching Hannah swimming... Updates on the family... Chaz moved out and bought himself a little 3 bedroom for him an Loni... I flew to ABQ with Cede where her Mom joined us and is spending another week down there... Ash is getting bigger as each day passes and X-man knows it's a brother... Ash and Josh are good with another boy... Rachy and Luke just got back from Peru after spending 6 weeks roughing it... Rachy thinks she might just be a little bit of a "Fancy Girl" after that adventure... (<: Sweny is in the mist of switching careers... He decided to be a drug pusher like his sister Ashley... "Pharmacy"
Joe is is finding the grown up world to be a little rough and is learning fast that you need a little savings to make it all work...
Teresa is wrapping up her travels across the nation, none to soon, I think it was wearing her down a little... Me? I'm just working, and living one day at a time... Someday, I'll be like my bud Ernie and hit the golf courses two to five times a week...
Well that's all for now, catch you on the next update of Home with the Walker Family...
Later Chuck

Friday, July 4, 2008

July Update

Well the yard is in this year and we finally have grass... The garden is not as big as it was last year, but then I moved the tomatoes to the hillside... (<:} The Ironic part here is I helped Ashley plant her tomatoes and those same plants from the same nursery bought on the same flat as mine, they are kicking my plants butt... She must have a natural green thumb... LOL

The floral pots around the deck are doing real good and the front gardens are going to be in full bloom in about 2 weeks.. That will make the front of the house AWSOME!!!

On the work note, I got UTA, "Transit in Utah" up and running in the office... We have a lot of the folks going green... There will be 15 of us riding the train together and then riding into the office in a big van... Ride time to the office will be a few minutes more, ride time home will be a KILLER savings... We pass the freeway every night and it is STOPPED, a 4 lane parking lot... Gotta love mass transit...

Anyhow, that's it for now..
Catch you on the next post...
later Chuck